Aleutians East Borough Donation Policy

The Aleutians East Borough’s intention, demonstrated within this policy, is to be a responsible and supportive member of the AEB communities and to provide assistance, as it is able, to worthy projects and activities.

Requests for charitable donations from the Aleutians East Borough will be considered and evaluated in the manner set out below:


Protection of the Borough financial resources must be a high priority. This requires that the AEB set and adhere to an annual budget for charitable donations for each fiscal year:

  1. The donation amount budgeted will be determined each fiscal year. The Assembly will consider requests in November and May of each year.
  2. When the donations budget for a fiscal year has been expended, no further requests will be entertained although the mayor and assembly may increase the budget in the mid-year budget revision.

In order to provide the greatest benefit possible for the maximum number of people within the
limits of our available resources for charitable donations, the following policies will be adopted:

  1. The AEB will not make donations to benefit individuals or small groups.
  2. The AEB will consider requests for donations that benefit non-profit organizations and civic organizations so long as the project otherwise meets the criteria for charitable donations.
  3. The AEB will consider requests to join together with other donor organizations within the
    communities to combine our resources to fund needs greater than those that can be met by a single organization if the project otherwise meets the criteria for charitable donations.

In considering requests for charitable donations, the AEB will evaluate requests based on the
responses provided on the attached form.


Assembly members need to have an adequate opportunity to review requests for charitable
donations well in advance of meetings. To accomplish this, the following procedures are

  1. Requests must be submitted in writing to the Mayor on the attached form.
    • The Mayor will pass requests, which comply with our funding criteria to the Assembly as part of the meeting packet for the November and May Assembly meetings.
    • A report showing the amount budgeted for donations for the year, and the amount spent year-to-date on donations will be included in the packet.

Requests for non-monetary donations of goods or services from the Borough with a value of less
than $100, and which meets the other criteria for funding charitable donations, will be handled by
the Mayor in his sole discretion:

  1. The Mayor will report to the Assembly at the next regular Assembly meeting on any
    requests, which has been handled in this manner.

Aleutians East Borough Request Form

Donation requests are only accepted twice each year, November 1 and May 1. View, download, and fill out our request form.