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False Pass

False Pass is a cohesive, self-sufficient, fishing community with a stable economy and a strong educational, social and cultural network that creates a positive community for adults and children. False Pass is surrounded by a beautiful, wild and rugged landscape. The community is the only remaining Unangan village on Unimak Island. It is located on the eastern shore of Unimak Island facing Isanotski Straight to the western tip of the Alaska Peninsula. The shallow waters and the narrowness of the channel caused the village and strait to be called False Pass. However, it is a major throughway between the North Pacific and the Bering Sea for all but the largest vessels. False Pass is an important refueling stop for Bristol Bay and Bering Sea fishing fleets. The local economy is driven by commercial salmon fishing and fishing services. Silver Bay Seafoods LLC and False Pass Seafoods (Trident) process the commercial catch. In addition to a harbor and two docks, the community offers a state-owned gravel airstrip.

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