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Sand Point

The City of Sand Point is located on the northwest portion of Popof Island, in the Shumagin Island group that lies south of the Alaska Peninsula. With the warmth of its people and natural beauty, Sand Point can make any visitor’s journey into the Aleutians a rich and memorable experience. Wildlife viewing opportunities are abundant whether visiting the harbor or enjoying our new trail system. The easy-to-moderate trails for hiking offer breathtaking views. As a haven for wildlife, Popof Island is host to numerous species of birds, including eagles, cormorants, kittiwakes and puffins. A large herd of buffalo, managed by the Shumagin Corporation, roam freely in protected valleys. Otters, sea lions, and seals are regular visitors to the harbor and beaches. Migrating whales are also seen during the summer months in Popof Strait. Popof Island, like the rest of the Aleutians, is naturally treeless. Native vegetation consists of alder and willow shrub, and alpine tundra. In the summer months the island is rich in salmonberries, mossberries, blueberries, and cranberries. Grasses and sedges, mosses and wild-flowers are also abundant.

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