Clerk’s Department

Department Responsibilities

The Clerk’s Department consists of a head clerk along with administrative assistants. The department is responsible for and holds many duties.

Main Responsibilities

  • Attends Meetings
  • Arranges Publications
  • Maintains Files
  • Prepares Agendas

Other Responsibilities

  • manages municipal records and develops retention schedules and procedures for inventory
  • maintains storage and destruction of records as necessary
  • advises the Assembly on the appropriate use of parliamentary procedures
  • attest deeds and other documents
  • administers all oaths required by law
  • acts as custodian of the Borough seal and the official records of the Borough.

Mayor & Assembly Members

NamesCommunitySeatElectedTerm Ends
Alvin D. Osterback
(907) 383-2699
Warren WilsonKing Cove  A 10-03-232026
Paul GronholdtSand Point B10-04-222025
Chris BabcockKing Cove C10-05-212024
Brenda WilsonKing Cove  D10-05-212024
Jim R Smith SrSand Point E11-08-222025
Josephine ShanginAkutan F10-03-232026
Dailey J.N. SchaackCold Bay G11-08-222025
Samantha McNeleyNelson Lagoon Appointed 
Tom HobletFalse Pass Appointed 
 none – Youth Rep. Advisoryno interest Appointed 

Department Head

(907) 383-2699

FAX: (907) 383-3496