Department Responsibilities

  • Works independently on projects as directed by the Mayor
  • With the assistance of the Assistant Borough Administrator, the Administrator directly supervises the Borough’s Anchorage office personnel and the Finance Director
  • Works closely with the Borough Attorney and the Borough Clerk
  • Abides by suitable professional standards and maintains confidentiality as appropriate while carrying out the major duties and requirements of this position
  • Provides leadership in a broad spectrum of municipal and resource development strategies
  • Makes recommendations to the Mayor and Assembly about Borough finance issues, administrative matters, and growth issues, including and monitoring the Borough’s budget during each fiscal year.

Employee Policies

Leave Without Pay

To: All employees of the Aleutians East Borough (AEB)

From: Clark Corbridge, Assistant Borough Administrator

Subject: AEB policy regarding Leave without Pay (LWOP)

Effective Date:  February 28, 2008

A. The Borough Administrator or the Assistant Borough Administrator may grant leave without pay (LWOP) to any permanent employee of the Aleutians East Borough (AEB).

B.  In order to be considered valid, a request for LWOP must be:

  1. Made on the official Borough LWOP Request Form (available below);
  2. The LWOP Request Form shall be completed, signed, and dated by the Borough employee requesting the LWOP; and
  3. Whenever feasible, the LWOP Request Form shall be submitted to the Borough Administrator or Assistant Borough Administrator a minimum of thirty (30) days prior to the date when the requested LWOP will begin.

C. A request for LWOP shall be considered in conjunction with the circumstances involved and the interests of the AEB, which shall include but need not be limited to:

  1. Representations made and documented at the time the employee was initially hired;
  2. Anticipated workload requirements;
  3. Staffing considerations during the period of the LWOP requested;
  4. The duration of the proposed period of LWOP; and
  5. Other factors which the Borough Administrator or Assistant Borough Administrator may deem relevant at the time the request for LWOP is being considered.

D.  LWOP shall only be granted to an employee after that employee has utilized all available annual leave.

E. The general rule is that an employee on LWOP shall not accrue benefits, including medical insurance, PERS retirement, sick leave, or vacation leave.  The administrator signing the LWOP request form shall have the discretion to make exceptions from this general policy.  If such exceptions are made:

  1. The exception shall be documented in writing on the same document which grants the LWOP.
  2. The exception shall be explicit as to which type(s) of benefit(s) are being granted during the period of the LWOP, with all benefits not explicitly listed being deemed denied; and
  3. If the LWOP form is not signed and dated by an appropriate AEB administrator, the exception shall be deemed not granted, and the general rule (no benefits accrue during a period of LWOP) shall apply.

F.  LWOP shall not exceed one hundred twenty (120) workdays every two (2) years.  Exceptions may be granted, in writing, by the Borough Administrator or the Assistant Borough Administrator.

G. LWOP may include, but need not be limited to, family leave, maternity leave, education leave or leave for other personal obligations.

  1. When a period of LWOP ends, the AEB will make reasonable efforts to return the employee to the same position or a similar available position.  However, the AEB can not, and does not, guarantee reinstatement in all cases.

Financial Disclosure

To: All employees of the Aleutians East Borough (AEB)

From: Clark Corbridge, Assistant Borough Administrator

Subject: AEB policy regarding financial disclosure

Effective Date: February 28, 2008

Effective immediately, a Disclosure of Gratuity Received form shall be filed by every employee and elected official of the Aleutians East Borough (AEB) who has received a gratuity, from any source, having a value of more than fifty dollars ($50.00).  The following rules and procedures shall be followed:

  1. All gratuities, of any nature, having a value of more than fifty dollars ($50.00) shall be reported.  This includes, but is not necessarily limited to:
    1. Cash, checks, or negotiable instruments ;
    2. Transportation, lodging, or meals which are paid for by another individual or organization ;
    3. Gifts, including birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, seasonal gifts, gift certificates, gift cards, or other gifts of any variety, except those which are communally consumed. 
    4. Services provided to an AEB employee, which under normal circumstances would be paid for by the AEB or by the AEB employee when those services are provided or paid for by an individual or entity with which the AEB has had, or is likely to have, financial dealings of any nature.
  2. Exception:  An AEB employee does not need to report:
    1.  Any gratuity having a value of fifty dollars ($50.00) or less.  [But see footnote 2 for an aggregate value of gifts received within any period of twelve (12) consecutive months.] 
    2. A gift is exchanged with another employee of the AEB or an employee of a Southwest Cities member municipality (example:  the Christmas gift exchange).
  3. Whenever a gratuity requiring reporting under this policy has been received, the individual AEB employee receiving the gratuity shall:
    1. Complete a Disclosure of Gratuity Received form (located below);
      • Completing the form requires filling in all of the blanks which are applicable;
      •  If a blank is not applicable, write either “not applicable” or “N/A” in that blank;.
      • A form containing one or more blanks with nothing written in them is not a complete form for purposes of this policy.  Submitting an incomplete form does not comply with this policy.
    2.  Sign the form;
    3. Date the form;
    4. Keep a copy of the completed form for the individual’s own records; and
    5. File the original form with the Borough Clerk.
  4. If an individual is in doubt regarding whether compliance with this policy requires that a particular transaction be reported, the transaction shall be reported.  (In other words, when in doubt, report.)
  5. Be aware that all information provided on forms submitted to comply with this policy is public record, and may be released to any individual or entity whenever the Borough Clerk has received an appropriate request.

Department Staff

Anne Bailey


TEL: (907) 274-7580
FAX: (907) 276-7569

Talia Jean-Louis

Assistant Administrator

TEL: (907) 274-7559
FAX: (907) 276-7569

Beverly Rosete


TEL: (907) 383-2699
FAX: (907)383-3496

Ernie Weiss

Natural Resources Director

TEL: (907) 274-7557
FAX: (907) 276-7569

Charlotte Levy

Natural Resources Assistant Director

TEL: (907) 274-7566
FAX: (907) 276-7569

Jacki Brandell

Finance Director

TEL: (907) 497-2588
FAX: (907) 497-2386


Communications Director

TEL: (907) 274-7579
FAX: 907) 276-7569

Open Position

Maintenance Director

TEL: (907) 383-2699
FAX: (907)383-3496

Glennora Dushkin

Administrative Clerk

TEL: (907) 274-7556
FAX: (907) 276-7569

Kurt Uttecht

Cold Bay Terminal Manager

TEL: (907) 532-2929
FAX: (907)532-2930

Department Head

(907) 274-7555