Aleutia Becomes the First Regional Seafood Development Association in Alaska to Represent Two Areas

September 3, 2008

Sand Point, AK – Sept. 3, 2008 – Aleutia, a local marketing association for harvested seafood within the Aleutians East Borough, was recently recognized by the State of Alaska as a Regional Seafood Development Association (RSDA). Aleutia is the first RSDA in Alaska to represent two Fish and Game management areas: the Alaska Peninsula and the Aleutian Islands. On June 6, 2008, Emil Notti, the Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Commerce Community and Economic Development, approved Aleutia’s RSDA application. 

“When applying to become a RSDA, we were informed by the Office of Economic Development that our application was unique because we were applying to represent two management areas, rather than just one”, said Tiffany Jackson, Aleutia Operations Manager.

Aleutia’s primary goal is to promote and market seafood harvested in the Alaska Peninsula and Aleutian Islands. Aleutia also hopes to implement a wide range of strategies to increase the income of fishermen in the area.
Other objectives include increasing marketing, promotions, public relations and consumer education programs to develop new markets for Aleutia seafood.

As a recognized RSDA, Aleutia is now eligible for marketing grants to fund their efforts. In addition, Aleutia may also hold elections of the various fishing gear groups to establish a self-imposed fish harvest assessment to be used for marketing, infrastructure and other economic development efforts.

 “We’re working toward improving the infrastructure of the fisheries and the quality of the products harvested in the region,” said Jackson. “We would also like to create educational programs for consumers relating what makes our products unique from other products harvested within the state.”   

Aleutia is a unique membership organization formed in 2003. The fishery is located in one of the most remote, untouched regions in the world, where the Bering Sea and the North Pacific Ocean collide. Salmon is harvested by families living in coastal Eastern Aleut fishing villages of False Pass, King Cove, Nelson Lagoon and Sand Point, located along Alaska’s Eastern Aleutian Islands and Western Alaska Peninsula.

Aleutia’s mission is to preserve the region’s seafood heritage and share Aleutia seafood with the world. The Aleutia families combine their love of the sea with modern technological advances such as on-board refrigeration to ensure seafood harvested retains its high quality, flavor and appearance. For more information, log onto .